back pain
is the most frequent cause
for sick leave

back pain

achieve an active
sitting position

The rounded bottom of the Benesit makes it difficult to sit still on it. The chair inspires movement and is fun to sit on. It discourages sitting still in the same position for long periods of time.

BeneSit straightens the back and activates core muscles via biomechanical principles. The chair is a good tool in the fight against back pain associated with sedentary work.

straighten your back

Biomechanical principles allow you to straighten your back and activate your inner muscles when sitting on a BeneSit. When you sit with your legs in a downward position, your back will become straight. When you make massaging movements on the chair, you will tense up your core and strengthen your back.

office chair

“When you sit down on an ordinary office chair with your legs perpendicular to your body, your body will automatically collapse in the lower lumbar region, along the shoulder blades and in the neck. The lumbar vertebrae (discs) become overloaded, creating great tension in the back, neck, shoulders and head. This can lead to headaches, neck-, shoulder- and lower back pain, back pain, disc herniation and osteoarthritis.”

The text is based on the book “Sit high – and get rid of your back and neck pain” by physiotherapist Anne Beck

900.000 have back pain

A large Danish survey shows that many Danes are familiar with back pain, especially low back pain.

most doctor visits

A study confirms that back pain is the most common reason for visits to the doctor in Denmark.

the office chair is a killer

Spending most of the day sitting in an office chair with no movement can cause major problems in the long term.

benesit - A sustainable product

fabric is Eco-tex Label

Fabric and seat are eco-labelled Oeko-tex Standard 100.

material recycling

Waste materials from production are used as protective packaging for shipment.

100% recyclable core

The chair core is 100% recyclable, and can be recycled in the construction industry, for example.

recycled cardboard and plastic

Shipping packaging is recycled cardboard and shipping pockets are FSC-labelled and in recycled plastic.

Cork bottom

The bottom is made of cork and recycled rubber.


When your BeneSit chair has reached the end of its life cycle, you can return it to us - and we'll make sure as much as possible is recycled for new uses.