Office chairs cause back pain

When you sit on an ordinary office chair with your legs in a downward angle, the body will automatically collapse in the lower spine due to increased tension in the lower back.

When you  collapse due to the rounding of the back, you can get tension along the shoulder blades and in the neck. 

The lower back becomes overloaded throughout the spine, creating great tension in the back, neck, shoulders and head.  

This can lead to headaches, neck-, shoulder- and back pain, herniated discs and osteoarthritis.

The text is based on the book “Sit high – and remove your back and neck pain” by physiotherapist and ergonomic consultant Anne Bech Read more .

Downward angle is good

A scientific study in 2012 demonstrates using MRI scan, that it is not good for the back if the thighs are perpendicular to the body when sitting down. In contrast, a large angle between body and legs, with the legs pointing downwards, is good for the back ( source ).

seating position office chair

Back pain and sick leave

Low back pain is the most common cause of sick leave and doctor visits ( source ).

Workplaces can help prevent injuries, writes the National Board of Health ( source ).

According to Statistics Denmark, a full-time employee in 2016 had an average of 8.93 sick days.

900,000 are being treated for back pain

According to the National Board of Health, up to 900,000 people in Denmark were treated for low back pain in 2013 and injuries and diseases of muscles and joints are responsible for 25 percent of all long-term illness reports ( source ).