The people behind the chair

about benesit

Our names are Peter and Caroline and we are father and daughter. We are educated within design and innovation.

When experiencing back pain after sedentary computer work, we got the idea to make a simple chair in a nice design with a rounded bottom, which through balance straightens the back and activates and strengthens one’s core.

We got the inspiration e.g. from motorically-stimulating children’s furniture. In addition, we have had close contact with occupational therapists and physiotherapists during the development.

In the development process, we have had 3 focus areas; Functionality, Design and Sustainability.

"Life is too short for back pain after sedentary work."

peter kragh
Peter Kragh
Co-developer of BeneSit

Handmade in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark

The chair is produced to order at a country house in North Zealand.

handmade Danish design

"A training tool should look nice."

Caroline Kragh
Co-developer of BeneSit