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The back-stimulating chair

BeneSit prevents back pain, is Danish design and is easy to move around

Benefits of BeneSit

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Stimulates the back

Through biomechanics, the chair stimulates your back and activates your core.

Danish design

The chair is developed and produced in Denmark

Easy to move around

The weight of the chair is only approx. 2 kg, which makes it easy to move around.


Most materials in the chair are recycled or reusable.

Usage of BeneSit

Home benesit

For the office

Use BeneSit in the office and train your core muscles while you work.

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For adjustable tables

At adjustable tables, height can be adjusted to optimal sitting position.

A designer furniture

Use the chair as a beautiful sculpture in the home.

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At adjustable tables

The chair provides a good working position at an adjustable table

Sit well with a downward angle

Move constantly with rounded bottom

BeneSit is available in standard & customised designs

Buy standard chairs

chair variants

BeneSit standard chairs are purchased through retailers or our website and are available in 8 variants with 2 heights (59 & 69cm) and 4 colors.

  • Red
  • Petrol
  • Orange
  • Gray

Design your BeneSit chair

You can design your own BeneSit chairs.

You can choose the colour of the seat and the side, the handle and the knob. You can also get a logo embroidery. Minimum order is 10 chairs.